Speakeasy's Easy Lover

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Ryan is shown here as a very promising kitten of 8 weeks of age.
He has a spectacular horizontal broken marble pattern.
Large spots are flowing down his back legs.
He has fabulous doming, a nice pinch to the whisker pads as well as small rounded and nicely placed ears.
His tail is of good length and thickness.
Please follow with us as Ryan becomes an adult.

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Thanks to Nancy Robichaud of Provinmountain
for the genetic contribution from Joker that helped produce this very unusual marble male.

Ryan is already a very sweet and loving boy seeking out my company.

Ryan is shown here at 4 months of age.
His pattern is so broken and opening up quite nicely.
Ryan's background is crystal clear and his contrast of pattern to ground color is unbeatable.
The outlining of his pattern is outstanding.He is an absolute joy to behold.

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Here we are at seven months of age. Ryan is just breathtakingly beautiful!
Ryan was Third Best of The Best Kitten in Show at the Karousel Kats Show in Reading PA.

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Speakeasy's Easy Lover is
International Best Marble Bengal Kitten

International Best Bengal Cat

International 5th Best Shorthair Cat

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Ryan is as sweet as he is beautiful

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Thanks for joining us, come again.