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Speakeasy is a "Breeder of Distinction" actively showing our cats, gathering numerous titles from around the world.

Our goal at Speakeasy is to produce a
Wild Looking Bengal Kitten of superior quality and place this beauty as your exotic,
loving companion. You are adopting from Speakeasy Cattery a very HIGH QUALITY
Bengal Companion,who if properly cared for should provide you with
years of devoted love, affection and enjoyment.

Speakeasy Bengal Kittens Are Special:
Speakeasy kittens are guaranteed to be purebred Bengal Kittens with an accurate pedigree
Litter registered with The International Cat Association
As responsible breeders of 21 years, we adhere to the TICA code of ethics
At Speakeasy we do all we can to insure that your new kitten will be a
healthy and happy well adjusted kitten
From Bengal parents that have tested Negative for leukemia/aides
Our kittens are in sound health
Have been examined by a "Cat Only" veterinarian
are microchipped
immunized against feline distemper appropriate for age
Free of parasites ( stool samples are sent to Antech Laboratories )
well socialized and affectionate temperament
From Parents that a current on their HCM screenings by a Board Certified Cardiologist
PET kittens are placed in approved homes spayed/neutered at 12/13 weeks of age
One Year Health Guarantee
Raised on Top Quality Nutrition
Speakeasy also provides you with both dry and canned food to assist your kitten with a smooth transition from our home to yours
We are available for consultation and sharing of information throughout your cats' life
ALL of this "included" in the Price of Your Kitten

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We are very excited about the possibilities!

Reserve your kitten now! We invite you to join our

"Impatiently Waiting List"

Our Wait list is open for a limited number of deposits for
"Upcoming Litters"

RW SGC Traipse Sweet Surrender

IW SGC Traipse Setting The World On Fire

Litter Born
August 24

ALL are Spoken For

RW QGC Fractal Crystal Blue Purrsuasion

IW SGC Traipse Setting The World On Fire

We bred Nov 2

Watch For

TGC Traipse Desdimoto

IW SGC Traipse Setting The World On Fire

We bred Nov 2

Watch For

Jungletime Just Cant Get Enough

IW SGC Traipse Setting The World On Fire

We bred Nov 7

Watch For

Akerrs Storm Warning of Speakeasy

RW SGC WindyRidge No Boundaries

Watch For

Speakeasy Craving You

IW SGC Traipse Setting The World On Fire

Watch For

Before you contact me for a kitten please read
this short narrative on some of the antics of our Bengal Breed
Much of this I have not experienced but ALL possible!
Are You Ready For A Bengal??

Deposits on kittens or retirees can only be accepted after telephone conversation and interview and acceptance of individual as a Bengal Companion

We are very particular in choosing homes and maintain an

Impatiently Waiting List

For pets a $200 non refundable deposit is required to be on our waiting list
Once you choose YOUR kitten an additional $150 will be required to hold your kitten until you pick up your new family member between 12-13 weeks of age

We are placing a small number of Breeders at this time

For Breeder kittens a $500 non refundable deposit is required once you commit to purchase a kitten


Kittens are priced according to how closely the individual kitten meets the Bengal Breed Standard. This evaluation at 7 weeks of age takes into account body type, pattern, clarity of coat, contrast, head type, ear set, eyes, tail and of course Purrsonality.
We are breeding for "Our Next Show Kitten" and place
what we don't keep for our breeding program into your loving arms!
There are many expenses involved in raising quality Bengal kittens, the best foods (grain free ), litter, time in handling many times a day, vet health checks, stool examinations, vaccinations, testing of parents for leukemia/aides and yearly HCM screening to ensure as much as possible healthy happy kittens. I have spent as much as $400 for a single HCM test. More often than not, you get what you pay for! You will sometimes find Bengal kittens priced below us, most often, the breeder has not performed the extensive health checks we have incorporated into our breeding program or these kittens will not have the extreme contrast of spot to background color or wowie markings like the beautiful Bengals you have seen in Cat Fancy Magazine.

PET kitten prices are $1,500 - $2,000
All kittens will be altered before leaving Speakeasy

Breeders are $2500-$3000

Potential Show Kittens are
$3,000 - 3,500

Deb came to visit to discover the personality of the Bengalcat. She discovered more than she had ever dreamt of. Mother and kittens decided to invade her lap. I don't think there was room for one more kitten.
What do you think???

Speakeasy Breeder Kittens will have individual leukemia/aides testing, two stool samples sent for analysis as well as direct fecal x-am.

Breeders must be HCM testing yearly in order to apply for a Speakeasy kitten.

We require pictures of where our kitten will live as well as Personal and Vet Recommendations.

Speakeasy considers the health of our kittens to be our number ONE priority.
We do all we can to decrease the likelihood of disease / illness in our kittens, such as FIP, leukemia, aides or upper respiratory infections. Even with preventative measures, vaccinations, HCM testing we are unable to eradicate disease 100% of the time. No cattery can guarantee this for you.
What Speakeasy can guarantee is that we will be there for you to assist you deal with whatever important issues arise.

You are adopting from Speakeasy Cattery a very HIGH QUALITY Bengal Companion,
who if properly cared for should provide you with years of devoted love, affection and enjoyment.

You as a new BengalCat owner agree to provide your companion with a life-long commitment of love, appreciation, respect and
responsible care.

Since your Pet kitten is spayed/neutered prior to leaving Speakeasy Cattery you will receive your TICA registration paper "Blue Slip" with your information Packet.

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