The Bengal Cat Foundation

The brown spotted Bengal Cat, first registered for championship status in TICA ( The International Cat Association ) in 1991, is the result of breeding the small forest dwelling Leopard Cat with selective shorthair breeds.

This resulting new breed, while having an exotic wild appearance, has an affectionate, loving, dependable personality. Each cat is uniquely beautiful and is a work of motion art.

Many of our present day Bengals can be traced back through pedigrees to the Centerwall line.

Taro of Bundas has produced some of the most extraordinary foundation Bengal Cats with exceptional temperaments. Look at that pattern, clarity, spotted tail, spotted legs. What a joy to behold. He is my goal of achievement.

None of the exotic beauty of the Bengal Cat would be possible without the Foundation Asian Leopard Cats, and the diligence of the early Bengal Cat enthusiasts.

Speakeasy Bengal Cats represent the lines of five different Asian Leopard Cats. These Leopard Cats are Centerwall of Millwood
SirApollo of Spotoluck
Taro of Bundas
Bahgara Khan and Kabuki.

We are fortunate to have several offspring of this line
Provinmountain Octopussy
Speakeasy For Your Eyes Only
and Speakeasy Miss Moneypenny

Sir Apollo of Spotoluck
Produced some fabulous foundation cats. Our Cukkla Genie In A Bottle, Coming Out Of The Dark and Man In Black decend from Sir Apollo

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